Farming Organically

Motivation to Farm Organically

Aspects of motivation that drove us to transform the farm from conventional to organic include the following:

  • Knowing what is in your food
  • Knowing where your food has come from
  • Health benefits of organic food consumption
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural farming methods
  • Healthier crops and livestock
  • Locally grown foods, direct from the farmer
  • Minimal processing of foods

Physical Health & Wellbeing

We are very health conscious therefore we are very aware about what we are placing on our plate. In our experience eating healthy enables you to maintain and strengthen your immune-system, resulting in enhanced health and minimal sicknesses.

We believe an active lifestyle and healthy eating is very important to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. Being outdoors also enhances one’s mental health, there is nothing like taking in the scenic views, hearing the birds sing, and the frogs croak makes us feel alive and mentally strong.

Environmentally Friendly Organic Farming Methods

We really admire the environment around us and love the way organic farming flows with the natural balances. For our farming we use compost and manure to naturally fertilize our paddocks and enrich the soil life. We also plant grass, clover and lucerne beneath the crops to grow when the crops are established. During the grain crop harvest, the grass, clover and lucerne have developed well and continue to grow after the harvest. The grass, clover and lucerne aide in promoting biodiversity health, which in turn assists in reducing top soil erosion, and provides adequate drainage during heavy rains.

People seldom give much thought to the worms and insects living underground in the soil going about their daily activity, it is a whole living world beneath your feet! Our paddocks have an abundance of worms, and beneficial insects which are strong and healthy in the rich soil. These worms and insects assist our plant life by providing natural fertilizer and soil aeration for the roots.

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